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Traditional, artisanal and sustainable products from Portugal and Galicia

Welcome to the delicious world of the online gourmet gastronomy!

In ShopMySeke, we are entirely passionate about our region's great food, so we have decided to take to your table some high-quality and authentic Iberian ingredients with elevated flavours to please your taste buds.

You will surely miss the amazing home tastes if you live abroad or perhaps if you have already tried them on a trip and would like to rediscover them with your dearest friends and family.

Why is our proposal different? Because our greatest concern is your satisfaction! We have gathered with many local producers to provide you with the best selection of regional flavours, sustainable products and bio ingredients at the best price. 

Join us!


Please be aware, deliveries are taking a little longer than usual. Thank you for your understanding

We have created "Myseke" (E-commerce) because we consider it might become a meeting point to introduce new Portuguese and Galician (Spanish) products to all those who enjoy Iberian Gastronomy, for it has an exceptional feature: that of being bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, which grants it a special and indescribable flavour.

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