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Food Gift Hampers

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Exclusive products for the most exclusive clients.

Gourmet basket policies:

1. Minimum order limit:

There is no minimum order limit for gourmet baskets. You can buy as many or as little as you want!

2. Orders with different shipping addresses:

If you want to send two or more gourmet baskets to different locations, you must place an order for each shipping address.

In case of doubt, feel free to contact us at info@shopmyseke.com!

3. Bulk discounts:

If your gourmet basket order is over a certain amount, you will be able to access any of the following discounts:

10% discount for orders of 500 euros or more.

15% discount for orders of 1000 euros or more.

Note. These discounts cannot be joined with other SALES and/or PROMOTIONS.

Given the variations in the weight of some references, there can be slight changes in the price of gourmet baskets.

4. Gourmet baskets personalisation

In ShopMySeke, we can personalise your order! If you want to customise your gourmet baskets, please send us an email at info@shopmyseke.com.

5. For orders over 5 gourmet baskets, please book 7 - 10 days in advance.

This year, we have adapted our Gift Hampers content to the new reality of COVID-19.