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Sea Biscuits with Wakame Seaweed, 100 grs, Daveiga
  • Sea Biscuits with Wakame Seaweed, 100 grs, Daveiga

Sea Biscuits with Wakame Seaweed, 100 grs, Daveiga

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Canapé: Dried Seaweed Snack " Special Wakame Seaweed hardtacks"

Tradition knocks on your door with incredible hardtacks

If you are looking for a different option to make a delicious canape or healthy and nutritious snacks, try our Sea Biscuits. You're going to absolutely love it!

Where do hardtacks come from?

Hardtacks -also known as Sea Biscuits or Pilot Crackers- are an icon of Iberian gastronomy. Their concept dates back to the 1800s, specifically in the shipping sector -that's why they are also called Sea Biscuits. Sailors needed a replacement of bread that would remain fresh, delicious and crunchy throughout their whole trip and these crackers were nothing more than the perfect option.




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Today, its consumption has spread across the whole European continent, the United States and Latin America, thanks to the cultural exchange that resulted from the naval expeditions and travels from one continent to the other.

Hardtacks are a must-have in your kitchen because they:


Have a crunchy texture that remains the same for hours.

Keep their freshness, aroma and flavour for longer periods.

Are a great low-calorie substitute of bread, toast and sweet or savoury crackers..

Our hardtacks canape style. Get to know our collection of healthy hardtacks!

How to serve Sea Biscuits?

The great thing about seaweed crackers is that you can marry them with everything you want:

Lie down to watch movies or shows while snacking Pilot Crackers alone.

Serve hardtacks with olive oil or your favourite selection of foie gras and enjoy the best canapes in the whole world.

Introduce them in your breakfasts and afternoon snacks with marmalade and chutneys to eat something light and sweet.

Put them on the table before eating a great meal. These healthy crackers go great with cottage cheese, avocado, cream cheese, quince and soft cheeses in general.

Special wakame seaweed hardtacks

These are made with wheat flour*, extra virgin olive oil (10%), sea salt, dehydrated wakame seaweed and emulsifiers (Soy lectin and yeast).


*Ecological ingredients.


NOTE: Seaweed Crackers and hardtacks may contain allergens and dairy-derived ingredients. Check the list above before consuming them.



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