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Almond cookies Allariz, Fina Rei 150 gr.
  • Almond cookies Allariz, Fina Rei 150 gr.

Almond cookies Allariz, Fina Rei 150 gr.

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Tasty, crunchy and traditional - Almond cookies Allariz-style!

We can't deny it: Spain's cultural exchange with other cultures have introduced a mix of incredible -and delicious- flavours to our cuisine and the Almond cookies Allariz-style are not the exception.

The origin of these craft cookies from Galicia dates back to the Middle Ages -specifically to the 13th Century- when the Jewish nation, which settled in the beautiful Allariz town, brought the gastronomic use of their star ingredient: Almonds!


Currently, these homemade cookies are still baked following the same method because the recipe -and the use of its natural ingredients- was taught throughout the generations to become one of the best homemade cookies in Spain and -why not?- even the whole continent.



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But what's the best part of this story? These craft cookies have arrived with their incredible and traditional taste, aroma and texture to your beloved and trusting store: ShopMySeke. So now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home in this presentation:

Every box contains: 25 packs with 5 craft cookies each

Weight: 150 grams

Expiration time: 5 months

Ingredients: Egg whites, wafer, almonds and powdered sugar

Why are they considered the best homemade cookies?

The main feature of these craft cookies from Galicia is the quality of their ingredients. To bake these homemade cookies, only the best Marcona almonds are selected to provide a crunchy texture -and a delicious flavour- that is later combined with an attractive golden colour. Also, the egg whites, sugar and wafer is used in the process, which make these craft cookies soft and delicate inside.

How to eat these homemade cookies?

These exclusive homemade cookies are ideal to serve as a dessert or even as a snack, especially if it is married with a liqueur or some other comforting beverage, like coffee or hot chocolate.

Cooking process of our craft cookies from Galicia

One of the tricks to keep the flavour, texture and aroma of the best homemade cookies from Allariz is the traditionalism in the baking process, especially when it comes to the almonds' kneading and grounding. The only new addition is the packaging -without additives or chemicals-, which keeps the dessert fresh for longer periods.


45% Almonds

30% Sugar

25% Egg whites

No additives or chemicals

Nutritional facts for each 100 grams


Energetic value 1576 KJ / 377 Kcal

Total fats 16 grams

Saturated fats 10 grams

Carbohydrates 41 grams

Sugar from carbohydrates 39 grams

Fibre 12.5 grams

Protein 17 grams

Salt 0.05 grams