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Shipments will be made through the Company MRW (COURIER PONTEVEDRA, S.L.- B94119161 Dirección: POLG. INDT. O VAO, PARCELA-14 NAVE 2), whose Customer Service telephone number is 902 300 400. 


Shipments will be made through the Company D.H.L. PARCEL Pontevedra S.L.U. , whose Customer Service telephone number is (0034)902 123 030.

The shipping costs will be applied in the following manner:       


Maximum weight per package: 30 kg

Maximum dimensions per package: 150 cm. (Length + Width + Height)

The shipping costs


The delivery time is usually between 3 – 5 working days, depending on the population of the destination and the chosen payment method. This term is understood as long as the availability of the products has been confirmed and the full payment of the order has been verified.

If the data provided by the User is either false, inaccurate, or incomplete, the Provider will not assume any responsibility in the event the delivery of the product or service is not completed.

The delivery will be considered completed once the carrier has made the products available to the User and the latter, or the delegate of the latter, has signed the delivery receipt.

The User is responsible of verifying the product(s) upon receipt and manifesting all the reservations and claims that may be justified in the delivery receipt.




8.1 Delivery Address:

The delivery of orders will be made at the delivery address freely designated by the User. In this way, the Provider does not assume any responsibility in those cases where the delivery of the product does not occur if the User has provided data that is false, inaccurate, or incomplete. The same happens in those cases where the delivery can not be completed for reasons beyond control of the shipping company assigned for that purpose, such as the absence of the recipient.

The delivery time of the order will be during regular business hours.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Provider has adopted the measures required of a diligent merchant so that the delivery can be made within the agreed time period, so no liability can be attributed against the Provider.

Shipments are only made to destinations in Peninsular Spain, Germany (except the Island of Heligoland), Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France (only continental, excluding overseas departments), Greece, Ireland, Italy (except Libigno, Campione y Italians Waters of  Lugano lake), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands (Holland), Portugal (only continental), United  Kingdom ( except Channel Islands and Gibraltar), Sweden.

For other countries not listed, send us an email (info@shopmyseke.com).

 MYSEKE, will put all the means at your disposal so that your order is delivered within the time period that is shown on our website, on the date of issuance of the order confirmation.

8.2 Terms of delivery:

These terms correspond to those established in the file of each product. In case the products not available at the time of purchase, our Customer Service Department can provide you with availability information and a delivery deadline.

If you have requested several products in the same order, keep in mind that they may have different availability dates, in which case you could receive them on different dates.

Please note that in the absence of availability of any of the references at the time of shipment, you have the right to cancel at any time before sending the order, by contacting our Customer Service through the following email address: info@shopmyseke.com, where you shall supply the order number.

Policies for promotions in wine, liquor, preserved foods and other products

Due to temporary lack of stock or excess of demand, the delivery of products in promotion, sale or discount may delay 2-3 business days more than the established ones in our Shipping Policies.

8.3 Shipping confirmation:

At the time of delivery of the order to our carrier, we will send a shipping confirmation to the email address that you have provided when placing the order. In the shipping confirmation, we will indicate the corresponding tracking number so you can track it through the website of our carrier.

8.4 Damage to delivery:

Products are delivered in secure packaging. If at the time of delivery, the recipient detects, in a visible and clear form, without the need to maneuver the shipping package or those packaging natural to the product, that the product has defects attributed by damage caused by the carrier company, or if in the same manner, there is an error in the merchandise received, the User must detail this fact in the receipt that is provided and signaled by and of the carrier and immediately contact our Customer Service line 0034 692 28 57 15 or email: info@shopmyseke.com.

Such notifications must be executed within 24 hours after receipt, by which you will be able to be able to prompt the return of the affected product or products and proceed to their replacement by another in optimal conditions or, alternatively, to reimburse the price paid for it, as you indicate in that email.

If a proof of delivery does not have any damage report, is understood that the product has its packaging in perfect condition. Likewise, if a damage is detected in the product once the package is opened, and the packaging is in perfect condition, the client has 24 hours from reception to contact our customer Service line 0034 692 28 57 15 or email info@shopmyseke.com. After 24 hours of delivery, no claims will be accepted for damage to the product.


9.1 Right of withdrawal: The User has 14 calendar days to return the product, which is counted from the date of receipt thereof (Article 71 of Law 3/2014, of March 27).

 If you are not satisfied with the product or any of the products of your order, the User may exercise his right of withdrawal by filling in the form attached to these conditions, indicating the order number (to obtain a refund of the amount of the product/s within the maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days following receipt of the order) together with your contact information. Unless the return is made for reasons of defects in the product, the expenses related to the shipment will be assumed by the USER. The product must be returned in its original packaging and in perfect condition.

We will provide you with a return number and instructions for the return procedure. You must send it to us through the mail [RF_Email] or by postal mail, always within the period of 14 calendar days upon receiving of the order. After this period, you can only request the return or exchange of the products for technical reasons that are subject to the guarantee of said product (s).

You must return the product with all the elements with which it was delivered, without any damage or wear marks of any kind, nor showing an inappropriate use of the good or that is different from the nature of the same, to the address that we have provided.

It is advisable to return the product in its original packaging. If this is not possible, the product will suffer a depreciation in its value. The Client will be responsible for the packaging and protection of the products that are sent as well as the expenses derived from its shipping.

As long as the products are returned within the said period of 14 calendar days, without any damage, wear and/or defects, and in compliance with the requirements established in this section, and always including the return number that we have provided, we will refund the total amount of the purchase.

Remember that in any case the product should include:

- Return number provided

- Order number

- Date of purchase and exercise of withdrawal

Information of interest (optional):

- Reasons for the return

- Information that you believe is necessary or of interest to process the return

9.2 Return of a defective product:

the User must inform MYSEKE of the lack of conformity with the product within 24 hours of being aware of it. In the event that the product is defective in origin, due to a manufacturing fault, you must send an email to info@shopmyseke.com  with the order number and explaining the reasons for the return. Our Customer Service will contact you via email or phone call indicating how to proceed to resend the defective product and provide you with a return number.

The product (s) of the order must be returned to the address that we will provide, including all the elements with which it was delivered in perfect condition, without damage or marks that show an inappropriate use of the good or different to the nature of the product.

Once the defective product is received, in compliance with these requirements and verifying that the product (s) have a manufacturing fault, we will contact you to arrange the replacement, price reduction, or termination of the contract. In any of the above cases, the related expenses will be borne by MYSEKE.

9.3 Return of non-defective product: When the product has no defect and its return has been motivated by ignorance or misuse, MYSEKE will contact you to indicate the steps to follow for the recovery of the product.

The shipping costs derived from the return of a product that does not present any defect or defect attributed to the User, shall be borne by the User and MYSEKE will not proceed to such shipment until having received the advanced payment of the resulting shipping costs. If the verification performed by MYSEKE indicates that the product subject of return is damaged due to misuse or poor protection during shipment, it may result in the cancellation of the guarantee or cause a decrease in the value of the product.

9.4 Return by mistake in the order by MYSEKE:

 When the product does not correspond to the placed order, due to an error that is attributable to the company, the User must communicate the company about this circumstance by mail as soon as possible;  MYSEKE will bear the cost of collecting the product(s) sent by mistake as well as those of the delivery of the order that was originally placed.

9.5 Verification of Returns:

The verification and examination of the products to be returned will be borne by MYSEKE, who, once in their facilities, will verify that they are received in compliance with all the requirements established in section 9.1. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the cancellation of the guarantee or cause a decrease in the value of the product.

In case the product is missing any of its elements, the product will be returned to your home with a note indicating the missing content.

9.6 The right of withdrawal can not be applied in the following cases:

1. If the product is not presented in perfect condition.

2. If the packaging of the product is not the original or it is not in perfect condition. The original packaging must protect the product so that it is received in perfect conditions, the use of seals and adhesive tapes applied directly on it is therefore forbidden.

The original packaging sent by Myseke has a double delivery system, that is, you must return the products using the same box. Consult the instructions that are inside the box.

3. For products that are opened, without being able to prove that it has not been used.

4. For software applications that are directly downloaded through the portal.

5. For personalized products or those that, due to hygienic reasons or other legally established exceptions, are not susceptible of this right.