Do you know our manifesto?

We invite you to enjoy the fantastic, intense and healthy original flavor of the Iberian gastronomy while you get to know more about your good and old corner shop, but now online!



We live according to our ideals:


We are proud of our roots and we would like to share them with you

ShopMySeke connects you with far-away lands through delightful flavors and aromas

Say farewell to industrial processing. In Shopmyseke, we support sustainable production

We can give you the best of Iberian gastronomy because we have personally tasted each and every item of our selection. The idea is to put the best and most recognised traditional products of our land at your reach

We work hand to hand with artisans and producers to foster sustainable development in their communities

Get closer to a new culture or delight your friends with your favorite regional flavors! We will help you with it.



We share our goals and dreams with you:


We wish we could get the characteristic and unique flavors of Iberian gastronomy to every continent

Our determination is focused on helping every corner of the world to make their own artisanal lovecrafted recipes based on handmade products

We want the entire world to know the Spaniard and Portuguese producers who respect the Earth as much as we do and who are the perfect example of sustainable production

With your help, we will achieve all of them!



You are the key to help us reach our goals!


We will keep listening! You are not only a customer to us, but you are also an advisor

The more natural, the better! We will always offer you organic products and natural ingredients that will invigorate you in and out

As you also feel respect for the environment, we will work hard to select honest and responsible brands, just like we are

More than a store, we are family! We won't stop hiring dreamers who believe in organic production, who love great food and put your health and satisfaction above anything else


Do you think we missed something? Don't worry! It's just the beginning. This is a gastronomic trip we will go through together.