The Birth of Myseke:

My little baggage full of Food and a couple of Garments

I used to spend hours and hours travelling from one place to another. My baggage always carried something tasty and traditional from Portugal, like pastries, savouries, sausages, cheese, sweets, among many others!!! Oops, I haven’t introduced myself yet… I’m "DelDalmeida" and I’m just another Portuguese who’s left her country searching for a professional opportunity.

The life of an immigrant isn’t always easy. There’s always a little something to make our day-to-day a bit more complicated. Sometimes even the airlines managed to make my life fairly difficult. But how? Dear readers, the answer is easy: sometimes my luggage was left behind, on the ground, more precisely at the Lisbon Airport or at the Oporto Airport.

I felt really furious whenever this happened. It was totally frustrating. So much effort for nothing. Ça n'est pas possible! But hey, this sadness had nothing to do with my clothes, or my shoes… it had to do with my delicacies being left behind. As the Spanish say: "tanto trabajo pa na".

In some get-togethers with Portuguese friends who live all around the world, there was always a common feeling: all Portuguese living abroad, whether studying, working, or just second-generation Portuguese, always brought back loads of food whenever they returned from Portugal. However, we were aware that there were new products, new Portuguese brands that were great and we, who were abroad, didn’t know them.

This lack of knowledge of mine, about the new brands, new products, and new national services was blatant when I returned to Lisbon, because when I heard anyone speak wonders about certain brands and products, I felt I was completely out of the new national reality.

"Once I was sitting in Paris, at a terrace at Rue de Rivoli. When the restaurant "chef" heard me speak French (he noticed my slight Portuguese accent), he addressed me and told me that the chestnut sauce on my dressing was made of chestnuts from Portugal, which were "Fantastiques". I was really moved, as would be any decent immigrant living abroad.

I’d also like to take the chance to explain the Galician flavours... love's in the air... I’ve always loved Galician gastronomy, it tastes like the sea, the sand, the beach, and like cool earth. I owe this discovery to someone who’s very close to me.

Myseke Mission:

We have created "Myseke" (E-commerce) because we consider it might become a meeting point to introduce new Portuguese and Galician (Spanish) products to all those who enjoy Iberian Gastronomy, for it has an exceptional feature: that of being bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, which grants it a special and indescribable flavour.

We want to work with Portuguese and Spanish food that surprises and marvels the palate of all those who taste it.

We want to offer utmost quality, always respecting our planet and all living beings that inhabit it.

We want to grant a wider meaning to our "Myseke",i.e.: we believe it could be a means to help us express high levels of Energy, Fun, and Information.

For such, we have created "Blog Myseke", where you can find news, highlights, trends, and many tricks to save time and money.

Our action plan includes: Listening to our public, Processing the information and Offering what our public wants from us.

Please follow our "Myseke", and always be our guides and our jury.

So, please subscribe our Blog and newsletter.

Thank you.





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