Roasted Peppers, TERRIUS, 225 gr.
  • Roasted Peppers, TERRIUS, 225 gr.
  • Roasted Peppers, TERRIUS, 225 gr.

Roasted Peppers, TERRIUS, 225 gr.

VAT included

Preserved vegetables:

Roasted Peppers

There is nothing better than adding a gourmet touch to your dishes with an exclusive product that stands out because it holds its original flavour and nutritional properties, right? If you think the same way we do, it's great! That's why we have travelled across Portugal and Spain to taste and choose the best canned vegetables. Thus, we can only place the best products at the tip of your fingertips.


Tell us what you want and we will send it to you! We have mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes, acorns, chestnuts and much more. In order to buy them, you only have to register on our site, order it with a couple of clicks and enjoy the authentic Iberian flavour in your side dishes, appetizers and sauces. 



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Do you know what's the best part? With preserved vegetables, you get all the flavour and nutrients of fruits and vegetables instantly. 



Ready to eat product

Ideal to be stuffed with rice preparations, cheese, vegetables, or pâtés with mayonnaise; it accompanies any kind of meat, crumbled bread or potato, pasta, fish or meat dishes, vegetables and any type of salads.

These peppers are roasted in the fire and the whole process is handmade.

Product with no added colours or preservatives.

Sterilized after packaging.

Storage: in a cool, dry place for up to 3 years after production.

Nutritional Information
per 100g
Energy 270 kj
64 Kcal
Fat <1 g
of wich saturates <0,02 g
Carbohydrates 15,9 g
of wich sugars 8 g
Protein <1 g
Salt 0,336/0,84 g


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