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Food gift hampers: Além-Tejo
  • Food gift hampers: Além-Tejo
  • Food gift hampers: Além-Tejo
  • Food gift hampers: Além-Tejo

Food gift hampers: Além-Tejo

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Fall in love with our Iberian Food Gift Hampers!

ShopMySeke's gourmet food gift hampers are perfect for any occasion:

Thanking clients and customers

Giving a present to someone special

Having a small detail for your guests

Or even as a party gift!

Are you impressed? Well, get ready. You still haven't heard the best part! Buying a gourmet box in ShopMySeke is easy, fast and affordable.



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All our food gift hampers include healthy and traditional products from the Iberian Peninsula -specifically from the Spanish and Portuguese market- like a great wine, incredible preserves and canned fish, exquisite patés and endless ingredients that will delight your palate.

Take a look at our selection, add your favourite gourmet basket to your shopping cart and show up with a fantastic gift! You can even order our food gift hampers for yourself and cook dishes from out of this world.


Wine Dona Ermelinda Reserva 2017

Dona Ermelinda Reserva is a delightful Portuguese wine. It delivers a persistent and long aftertaste in every sip and visually has an opaque maroon tonality. Thanks to its long ripeness, it has a smoked aroma that recalls the essence of berries and sweet spices, similar to marmalade. This Portuguese wine is not only dense, but it also consists of great structure, as well as an elevated presence of perfectly-integrated soft tannins.


Designation of Origin (PDO): Palmela

Varieties of the grape: 70% Castelão, 10% Portuguese Touriga, 10% Trincadeira and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Alcohol level: 14.5%

Total acidity: 5.18 g of tartaric acid/dm³

pH: 3.65

Residual sugars: 4.5 g/dm³

Marries: red and white meats, hunting dishes, soft and strong cheeses.

Briosa preserves

Are you familiar with the Portuguese Canned Fish Briosa?

Briosa was funded in 1991 by the Faustino family, who also own the Northern Portuguese Preserves (CPN, acronym in Portuguese). This brand combines the best of the sea, earth and Lusitana's soul to provide the world with canned preserves, capable of captivating any palate.

All preserves are produced in a modern manufacturing unit, located in the region of Figueira da Foz, Oporto. Thanks to the company's DNA, framed in tradition, they create the best-preserved foods in the country.

If you try them, you'll recognize them right away! The Portuguese canned fish and Briosa preserves are comprised of a sublime and distinctive texture and flavour that floods your mouth in every bite. Give them a chance! Each one of them is a homage to the Portuguese gastronomy:

Taste the tuna with orange and cinnamon, based on the Algarvian style.

Try out the mackerel filets in vilão sauce. You'll be thrilled with the Azores islands flavour!

Would you like to join the homage to the Duoro seasoning? Ask for skinless and boneless sardines dipped in tomato!

Make your parties unforgettable with Briosa patés. Its texture, aroma and flavour are memorable!

Make delicious appetizers with Portuguese Canned Fish. Whether it is Briosa tuna, sardine, bacalao or spicy mackerel, the recipes are authentic and tasteful!

Tuna Fillets with Orange and Cinnamon, Briosa Gourmet, 120 gr.


Tuna (65%), Olive oil, Orange (5%), cinnamon (1,5%) and Salt

Mackerel Fillets in “ Vilão” Sauce, Briosa Gourmet, 120 gr.


Mackerel (70%), olive oil, chilli pepper, onion, garlic, parsley, oregano, pepper and salt

Tuna Pate in Olive oil,  Conservas Gourmet, 75g


Tuna, olive oil, tomato, vinegar, spices and salt.

Sardine Pate in olive oil, Conservas Gourmet, 75g

Ingredients: Sardine, olive oil, tomato, vinegar, spices and salt

Fleur De Sel, Sea Salt From Algarve, Salmarim, 12 Gr.

Hardtacks with olive oil, 100 grs, Daveiga

Portuguese Sausages:

Traditional Portuguese Painho 200 gr. , Acorn-fed, Porco Preto- 300 gr.

Traditional Portuguese Sausage (Chouriço) 200 gr., Acorn-fed, Porco Preto - 300 gr.

Chocolate Neiport Ruby Wine 40 gr.

Cacao Divine

Touriga Nacional Chocolate Wine 40 gr.Cacao Divine


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