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Meal prep kit "Acorn Flour"
  • Meal prep kit "Acorn Flour"

Meal prep kit "Acorn Flour"

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Cook with the very best ingredients of the Iberian Peninsula!

Is cooking your passion? Then, don't miss our meal prep kits! By ordering any of our food boxes, you will get a free recipe to recreate with the best ingredients of the Iberian Peninsula. Use our kits to throw a dinner party or enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Your palate and shape will thank us later.


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Meal prep kit "Acorn Flour" - Perfect for baking lovers

Healthy diets are on-trend. That's why bio and organic ingredients keep on the rise. ShopMySeke knows it! What you want -and everyone is asking for- has moved us to create food gift hampers with natural, healthy and eco-friendly products and ingredients.

Within our meal prep kit "Acorn Flour," you'll find a special selection that combines iconic flavours -like "zaragallada" and Galician preserves- with the best acorn flour worldwide, coming from the Portuguese river Alentejo. This is our way to help you cook delicious recipes with traditional products. You can be sure it will elevate every dish you make.

Serve some acorn flour empanadillas or homemade cupcakes as a snack! You can recreate our recipes with your friends or the entire family to provide a homey and warm touch while having lots of fun!

Would you like to give a twist to your favourite dishes and recipes? Great! Give it a try. 

What's included:

Whole Acorn Flour , TERRIUS, 200 Gr.

Queenie Scallops In "Vieira" Sauce, Pescamar Gourmet, 111 Gr.

Sardines In Olive Oil, Pescamar Gourmet, 115 Gr.

Mussels In Red Escabeche And Olive Oil, Pescamar Gourmet, 111 Gr.

Zaragallada (Tomatoes, Pepper And Onions) (Natural), A ROSALEIRA, 410 gr.


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