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Albarino Wine N.º 12 Paco & Lola

Queenie Scallops In "Vieira" Sauce, Pescamar Gourmet, 111 Gr.

Sardines In Olive Oil, Pescamar Gourmet, 115 Gr.

Mussels In Red Escabeche And Olive Oil, Pescamar Gourmet, 111 Gr.

White tuna belly in olive oil, Pescamar Gourmet, 110 gr.

Seafood Paste With Cockle Flavour, O Submarino, 85 Gr.

Oyster And Chestnut Paste, O Submarino, 85 Gr.



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Find the perfect gift at ShopMySeke! Our food gift hampers include artisan, organic and traditional eco products with authentic flavours. Our team does not focus as much on the amount, as it does on its quality and affordable price. That way, you won't have to spend lots, while getting some of the best presents in the market.

But what does it mean to buy at ShopMySeke? Affordable quality and Mediterranean delights with just a click. This time, we changed the way of delivering Iberian gastronomy ingredients -mainly from Galicia and Portugal- to offer an innovative option you can give away anytime, anywhere.

Check our catalogue and find the food gift hampers you like the most or maybe the ones you think that suit best. If you want something more thoughtful, you can give us a call and we'll include the favourite products and ingredients of your friends or another half. The best part is we can also send it to whatever address you need.

Remember, we carefully select, try and taste every single product. You already know our style! We are like your nearest corner shop but online. We always include flavours and textures that will definitely become a hit. Besides, our team takes its time to place the ideal products within an attractive packaging, made 100% by hand, with all our love.

Every time you order any of our food gift hampers, you'll get a little of ShopMySeke, too. In fact, our team puts a tad of our essence in every step of the way, from the selection to the order managing and shipping. But what's within our food gift hampers, you ask? Anything you wish! From gourmet scallops to delicious artisan turrons.

Whatever you want, you'll get at your doorstep, whether it is to enjoy it with your family or to give away, because our food gift hampers are meant to achieve two goals:

Give you the star ingredients of Portugal and Spain, so you can cook and enjoy a fantastic meal.

Provide a cool and original gift to use at birthday parties, weddings, religious settings, corporate events, and more.

Oh! There's something we were forgetting. By choosing your favourite basket, you'll be saving time and money. You won't have to queue up or go through tens of stores to find the proper ingredients to recreate some of your favourite recipes.

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