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Nori Sushi Seafood
  • Nori Sushi Seafood
  • Nori Sushi Seafood

Nori Sushi Seafood

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Seaweeds Nori

Alga Nori Sushi  – 25g

Add color, taste and texture with seaweed to your dishes and improve your health

The superfoods are now all over the world and they are no longer identified as a vegan-diet only. Every day, more and more people are starting to make changes in their lives by including organic ingredients, ecologic species, veggie milks and natural sweeteners to their consumption habits. In addition, some people include fresh fruits, more vegetables and why not? Some seaweed.

These vegetables are not only good for health -as they are full of vitamins and minerals- but it is a fresh, colorful, texturized and perfect option to get familiar with the new fifth flavor: Umami!


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Even though nowadays the use of seaweed has become popular, the true thing is that they are not new in the kitchen. In fact, they have been used for hundreds of years in the Eastern cuisine and some parts of Wales.

Are you ready to meet them? Get to know all the types of seaweed!

Nori seaweed: Crusty, tempting and protean

The Nori seaweed is famous for being one of sushi main ingredients. It is recognized because of its crusty texture and black-greenish color. You can make infinite recipes with nori sheets: you can fry it for a nice snack, add it in hamburgers and sandwiches -to add some crunch- or salads. If you want to provide a not-so-traditional use that will shock your guests in a good way, put it in a dish close to the tartar sauces or vegetable patés like hummus. It will be delicious!

Nori sheets are good for health, mainly because of:

Has a very high level of antioxidant power and helps the lymphatic system depurate the organism

Is rich in protein, vitamins B1 and B2, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, among others

Allows the endocrine system metabolize fats adequately

Reduces fluid retention and the feeling of tired legs

Keeps the skin glowing, juvenile, fresh and firm

Alga Nori Sushi  – 25g

25g = 10 sheets

Nori seaweed (Porphyra) dried and toasted

It is used for the preparation of sushi and other stuffed rolls. Also in soups and sauces. It does not need soaking. For seasoning, briefly toast a sheet of Nori over the flame until it cames crispy, crumble over salad plates, cereal, pasta, vegetables, soups, etc.

Instructions for use:

             Uncooked: Soak for 20 minutes and use in salads.

             Toasted: Without soaking, toast for 2 minutes in the oven or in a hot frying pan. Sprinkle on salads, soups, rice, couscous, vegetables, etc.

             Boiled or steamed: 15 minutes with potatoes, rice or vegetables.

             Lightly fried: in omelettes, croquettes, pasta, eggs, vegetables, peas, chickpeas, etc.

             In the oven: stuffing and toppings for cannelloni, lasagne, etc.

Nutritional Information

per 100g
Energy 1158 kj
278 Kcal
Fat 3,2 g
of wich saturates 1,8 g
Carbohydrates 9,7 g
of wich sugars 0,8 g
Fibre 42,9 g
Protein 31,3 g
Salt 0,03 g