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Organic lemon Thyme dried Herb
  • Organic lemon Thyme dried Herb
  • Organic lemon Thyme dried Herb

Organic lemon Thyme

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Organic lemon Thyme 

Organic spices: the secret to both season your dishes and improve your health

The market is flooded with products containing different additives, pesticides and chemicals that jeopardize your health and introduce dangerous substances in your organism. Luckily, there is an alternative: using natural foods and organic spices grown while respecting the ecosystem and, of course, our consumers' wellbeing.


Look for the sustainable farming logo! In ShopMySeke, we care for our catalogue as much as we care for you.

Benefits of lemon thyme: a strengthening herb



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Thyme is one of the most comprehensive natural foods. Its properties are everywhere: in its flowers, its leaves and its oil. The organic products that are based on it can be found in several forms and shapes, from small bags with sprigs and leaves to thyme powder.



The benefits of lemon thyme are not exactly new. In fact, it has been one of the main ingredients of traditional medicine for thousands of years -and still is. It is a natural supplement because of its high nutrition levels and its tea will provide the antiseptic and antiinflammatory power, while its oil can be used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, menstrual pain and some skin conditions.



In the kitchen, the lemon thyme properties will not be left behind. The sprigs are used to introduce its aroma in a wide list of recipes -especially in meat and fish stews- which have led it to become one of the most common organic products in the Mediterranean diet.



Now that you know what these spices and condiments can do for you, are you ready to cook for both your palate and your health?

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