olive oil with oregano Quinta dos Jugais 50cl
  • olive oil with oregano Quinta dos Jugais 50cl

Olive Oil with oregano QJ 50cl

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Olive Oil with oregano QUINTA DOS JUGAIS 

If you want to flood your recipes with the taste and aroma of Portuguese cuisine or Spanish delights, there is something that cannot miss in your pantry: olive oil! More than a product, olive oil is an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and that is why we, in ShopMySeke, have taken the time to choose the best options for you.

Prepare exquisite purees, stews, salads and roasts with an authentic extra virgin olive oil and discover why it is the favourite of the Iberian Peninsula. Even with just a little Parmigiano Reggiano, a touch of ground black pepper and a freshly baked bread, it's a delight.


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Buy your extra virgin olive oil with us and help your health get all its benefits. Olive oil is recognized for having excellent properties: it controls blood pressure, protects the heart, keeps cholesterol controlled, beautifies the skin and much more!

Olive Oil with oregano QUINTA DOS JUGAIS 

The liquid gold of Mediterranean cuisine Extracted from portuguese olives, with a single drizzle of olive oil you can transform a simple dish. Spice up your meals with olive oils enhanced with magic combos of herbs and spices, that will give an extra touch of flavour and creativity.


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