Fleur de Sel, Sea Salt from Algarve, Salmarim, 70g
  • Fleur de Sel, Sea Salt from Algarve, Salmarim, 70g
  • Fleur de Sel, Sea Salt from Algarve, Salmarim, 70g

Fleur de Sel, Sea Salt from Algarve, Salmarim, 70g

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Salmarim Fleur de Sel

A European treasure that you’ll love to have on your table


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Aromatic, pure, and delicate: Salmarim Fleur de Sel


Salmarim Fleur de Sel is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after condiments among Michelin-starred chefs, and for a good reason too. Salmarim is a delicate and light sea salt that will add a touch of refinement to even the simplest meals.


Its origins are as magical as its flavour. This sea salt has been harvested for thousands of years following the same method, taking advantage of the thin layer of salt that forms on the sea surface. The salt’s name comes from the appearance of its crystals, which blend to perfection with and into every ingredient.


Because this sea salt is purer than table salt, you’ll only need a pinch of Salmarim salt to season dishes like grilled meat or fish. This Mediterranean ingredient is widely recognised as the queen of all gourmet products and is the secret behind the good health of Europeans.


Salmarim's quality products are easily recognised, even from afar. It is recommended to keep this product in a hermetically sealed container (preferably with a cork) in order to preserve all the benefits of the salt harvested at Sapal de Castro Marim Natural Reserve.


Get your Salmarim fleur de sel from our gourmet food store and infuse all your dishes with flavour!



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