Octopus Pâté, 100 gr, MareTerra Deluque

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PATE: Octopus Pâté

There is a product everyone should have at home: pate! Do you know why? Well, pate is perfect to share a special moment with friends, share a drink or perhaps celebrate a party. Even in dinners, pate is the best friend of hosts, because it can be spread on bread, sticks or toasts and still look like a dish cooked by a Michelin star chef.

And as we want to make your life -and the art of cooking- much easier in ShopMySeke, we have selected the best pates from Portugal and Spain so you can buy them with a couple of clicks. Delight all of your guests with one of our pates and you will be the star of the evening! 


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Octopus, potatoes, extra virgin olive oil,  paprika, salt and cormeal

Prime octopus, paprika and extra virgin olive oil are all the ingredients needed to recall the unique taste of Galicia's most famous dish 'Pulpo a la Gallega' in the form of pâté.


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