Orange Jam QJ 280g
  • Orange Jam QJ 280g
  • Orange Jam QJ 280g

Orange Jam QJ 280g

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Make your breakfasts and desserts come to life with something exotic, daring, original and traditional, a marmalade! We have chosen a series of Portuguese options made without additives or conservatives; only with organic fruits, grown in organic farms from small towns.

Its flavour is not only unique and intense, but it also has an innovative touch that will captivate you. Try some of our delicious marmalade flavours and you won't be able to stop eating them:

Orange marmalade

Use your favourite to cook a delicious and healthy cheesecake or spread it on cookies, pancakes, croissants and bread and give your meals a 360-degree turn!


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Quinta de Jugais Orange Jam

Our jams are made with fresh fruit, dried naturally, without preservatives, concentrates or fruit and vegetable pulp.

We try to use our locally raw materials to give our little support to the local farmers and producers.

A flavor and aroma that always accompanies us. It is the most common and appreciated by all ages.

Join a toast or a slice of bread with this jam simply a mid-morning or afternoon, and indulge yourself ...!

* Orange Jam * 280 grs


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