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Coffee liqueur from Galician, Porta do Miño, 70cl.
  • Coffee liqueur from Galician, Porta do Miño, 70cl.

Coffee liqueur from Galician, Porta do Miño, 70cl.

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Coffee Liquor Geographic denomination

Licor Café de Galicia



Do you want to close your dinner with a flourish? What if you bake an almond cake with a traditional liquor scent or simply enjoy the intense flavour of the Iberian Peninsula on your tastebuds? Well, you have found the right place! In ShopMySeke, we have a very exclusive catalogue with the best European liqueurs to delight you with its pleasant flavour and aroma.

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Coffee Liquor Geographic denomination



Alcohol content: 30% vol.

Net content: 70 cl


Our Liquor Café is produced from the white “eau the vie” obtained after the distillation of our Albariño grape pressings, seeking the least intense aromas to bring out the character of the future coffee liqueur.

We choose a powdered variety of Colombia Excelso coffee. This will macerate with the “eau the vie” for the time necessary to extract the complex aromatic characteristics. Later, we add the necessary sugar and balance the alcohol content.

Finally, we do a complete analysis and bottle.


Clean and crystalline appearance, with an attractive auburn colour. Presenting a marked aroma of high-quality coffee, with pleasant toasted notes. Soft, velvety and dense. The intense and clean retronasal reflects in the mouth the excellent aromas of good coffee.

Serve between 10”C and 12”C in a tulip shaped glass for the best taste.


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