Amêndoa Amarga Amarguinha liqueur, Xarão 700ml
  • Amêndoa Amarga Amarguinha liqueur, Xarão 700ml

Amêndoa Amarga Amarguinha liqueur, Xarão 700ml

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Bitter almond liquor XARÃO 700 ml

ShopMySeke has plenty of proposals, but one of the most popular among the Portuguese drinks are the amarguinha almond liqueur XARÃO. As its own name stands out, its manufacturing is based on the processing of bitter almond. In fact, you can taste its light flavor of toasted almond on the palate. Although it is made in several parts of the Iberian country, the Algarve region has the longest-standing tradition in making this gourmet product.



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This kind of almond is not consumed as much as the sweet version because of its characteristic bitterness, so people started to think about how to use it with the intention of creating other types of products. The results are these high-quality Portuguese almond liqueur, which is considered one of the Portuguese liquids that contain the most body, character and scents.

In order to make this product, the bitter almonds have to be crushed, macerated and then distilled. This artisan process results in a beverage with certain thickness and a striking but light golden color that builds up to 20 degrees of alcoholic gradation.

But the manufacturing process starts way before that, when the locals select all the best high-quality almonds, and it ends up way later, after the liquid finishes the maturation stage in oaken and wooden barrels, which is the secret that provides richness and stability of unparalleled aromas.

How and when to drink it?

The amêndoa amarguinha liquor is an excellent digestive, so it suits great at the end of a meal. Preferably, as a method of substituting the Porto or Moscatel.

Some people add a lemon squeeze to the border of the glass and put a chunk of lemon in the Portuguese drinks in order to counter the characteristic sweetness of the Portuguese liquor. On the other hand, ice is a component that cannot be missed to increase the freshness and taste of the amarguinha liquid. Another very popular way of drinking the Portuguese almond liqueur XARÃO is as a refreshing cocktail, mixing the base Portuguese liquor with tonic and lime. This is nothing more than a delight for the palate.

Finally, this is an outstanding present that will always uplift Portuguese people who are away from their native land, who want to remember the tastes of their country or to let them know you are sincerely thinking of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out! ShopMySeke has enough stock to help you enjoy one of the most popular flavors of the Algarve region.

Amarguinha almond liqueur XARÃO 700 ml

Alcohol gradation: 16% vol.

Bottle: flat, color white with a capacity of 0.7 l

Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, almond essence (aroma) and natural coloring E150.

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