Beirão liqueur, Licor Beirão, 70 cl.
  • Beirão liqueur, Licor Beirão, 70 cl.

Beirão liqueur, Licor Beirão, 70 cl.

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Beirão liqueur

Beirão Liqueur is a unique and special liqueur, made in Portugal using traditional methods since 1929.

Beirão is delicate but absorbing on the nose, with eucalyptus and rosemary notes and a bouquet of spices that bring out the taste of cinnamon. Well balanced between sweet and bitter, it is light on the palate while being full-flavoured.


The liqueur is produced from a soaking and double distillation process involving 13 carefully selected aromatic spices and plants that give the drink its special digestive properties and distinctive flavour.

Colour: Topaz

Appearance: Clean

Nose: Obtained from the double distillation of aromatic plants and seeds.

Taste: Sweet, enveloping and smooth, aromatic plants and seeds.

Ideally served as a digestif, either on its own or over ice. Can also be enjoyed in cocktails. Excellent paired with sweets.

Alcohol: 22% by vol.


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