Gran Alanis Godello Ribeiro D.O, 75 cl.
  • Gran Alanis Godello Ribeiro D.O, 75 cl.
  • Gran Alanis Godello Ribeiro D.O, 75 cl.

Gran Alanis Godello Ribeiro Wine D.O, 75 cl.

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Try this Magnificent Ribeiro Wine "GRAN ALANIS" and read carefully the main characteristics that make it different from the others.


About it:

Treixadura and Godello varieties from the D.O. Ribeiro, it presents a clean and bright wine, with a golden yellow colour and greenish hues.

D.O.: Ribeiro 85% Treixadura / 15% Godello

On the nose is elegant, delicate and complex with spice and exotic aroma of stone fruits.

Without a doubt, the perfect complement in all occasions and for the most delightful palates.

According to recent documents discovered in the Simancas National Archive, it is proved that Cristóbal Colón take Ribeiro Wine with him in his first expedition to the New Continent.

Total alcoholic strength: 12.5 % (v/v)

Dry extract: 23.9 g/l

Total acidity: 5.8 g/l

Volatile acidity: 0.26 g/l

Total sulfite: 128 mg/l

Reducing sugar: 3.5 g/l

Volumetric mass at 20º: 0.9912 g/c.c.


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