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Terras Gauda, 75 cl.
  • Terras Gauda, 75 cl.
  • Terras Gauda, 75 cl.

Terras Gauda Albarino Wine, 75 cl.

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Terras Gauda

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Try this Magnificent Albarino Wine "Terras Gauda" and read carefully the main characteristics that make it different from the others. 


Terras Gauda

It is a highly complex wine where the fusion of the predominant aromas of ripe peach, pineapple, tangerine citrus and orange blossom, are based on delicate mineral hints, earthy and pleasant notes of mint and bay leaf. On the palate, the first impression is that of a wine of great character but at the same time fresh and youthful, that fills us with its powerful structure, balance and unctuous sensation. This sapid consistency, its minerality, together with fresh and mild acidity, offers us an intense, pleasant wine with a long finish. The taste sensations are a clear reflection of the excellent 2017 vintage.



Rías Baixas - Galicia, Spain.


70% Albariño, 20% Caíño and 8% Loureiro.

The Albariño contributes its fruity aromas and roundness on the palate to this blend. The Loureiro provides good floral aromatic intensity, the Caíño adding aromas of exotic fruits, balsamic notes and, most importantly of all, great structure and singularity.

HARVEST DATE: September 2017

SUGAR CONTENT AT HARVEST: 215 gr/l average

ALCOHOL: 12,5% vol


The Albariño and Caíño are from the lower-altitude parcels, in other words, more humid and warmer parcels, meaning an earlier harvest and thus wines more highly concentrated, less acid and more full-bodied. This Albariño is the one harvested the earliest, on September 6th-10th, the Caíño being the last variety to be picked, between 15th and 19th of September, being the latest.

The Loureiro comes from highest-altitude, least humid, cooler vineyards, leading to a slower ripening giving us a vibrant Loureiro of intense aromas and smoothness on the palate. Harvested on September 13th-14th


Following cold soaking for different lengths of time depending on the varieties, the fermentation took place at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks. After adding natural yeasts supplied from our own vineyards, the wine was cold-stabilized, filtered and then bottled..


We do not consider it necessary decant this wine.

Cellaring/Aging potential: This wine should be served young. No aging recommended.

Optimum consumption temperature: between 10ºC and 12ºC.


The wine is rich on the palate and deserves seafood, specially oysters and crab, perfect with Asian cuisine with rich and spicy sauces.


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