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Alvariño Wine Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra 2016, 75 cl.
  • Alvariño Wine Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra 2016, 75 cl.

Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra 2016 Wine, 75 cl.

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Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra

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Try this Magnificent ALBARINO Wine "TERRAS GAUDA ETIQUETA NEGRA" and read carefully the main characteristics that make it different from the others. 

Albarino Wine: Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra


Rías Baixas – Galicia. Spain


70% albariño, 10% Loureiro, 20% Caíño blanco.

The Albariño grape contributes to the mix its fruity aromas and volume in the mouth, the Loureiro grape provides good floral aromatic intensity and the Caíño brings to the mix exotic fruit and balsamic aromas, and most importantly, a great structure and singularity.


The Albariño and the Caíño grapes come from the plots located at a lower elevation, that is, plots with more humid and warmer conditions that allow for earlier harvest time. Wines made with such grapes have greater concentration, less acidity and more body. This is the earliest harvested Albariño grape (September 19th-September 23rd), while the Caíño is the last variety to be picked, between the 29th of September and the 3rd of October, being the last to ripen, although it was picked up for the first time before October. The Loureiro grape comes from the highest altitude plots we have. These plots have less humidity and cooler temperatures, resulting in the slower grape ripening that lends the lively Loureiro wine intense aromas and a smooth mouth.

This variety is harvested between the 26th to the 28th of September.


After going through a maceration process timed according to the variety, we select the musts of each one to make the varietal mix that will be fermented in French oak barrels. After the alcoholic fermentation process is completed the wine is left 5 and a half months to mature over the lees and is periodically “battonaged” during this time, while the malolactic fermentation occurs simultaneously. The wine rests gradually through eight months in cold maceration prior to bottling.


In this wine, the impeccable balance between the subtlety of the French oak and the particular fruity character of our varietals stands out

It offers a unique aromatic journey, which begins with a pronounced fruitiness with clear aromas of ripe peach, orange peel, and quince jelly, complemented by slight hints of anise and lychee. Simultaneously, underpinning these aromas is the smooth aromatic contribution of the oak, which adds complexity, with hints of cinnamon, crème brûlée, melted butter, and nutmeg interlaced with pleasant smoky notes.

It makes an impression on the palate thanks to its power, elegance, and opulent structure. It is an unctuous, big, and, at the same time, fresh wine thanks to its magnificent fruity acidity. With its long-lingering finish, we return to the sensations of ripe fruit, chamomile, and toasty notes from the wood.


We recommend to air open the wine to breath before tasting. Maturation/Ageing potential: this wine can evolve harmoniously in the bottle for five years

Optimum consumption temperature:12 ºC.


Because of its creamy richness and depth, this wine can be paired with a large variety of dishes, from oven baked fish to white meats, from risottos to pasta and even foie.





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