Toasted Acorn, TERRIUS, 200 gr.
  • Toasted Acorn, TERRIUS, 200 gr.

Toasted Acorn, TERRIUS, 200 gr.

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Toasted Acorn

Are you looking for a glutenless product? Try the Toasted Acorn!

Following a diet rich in nutrients will help you keep a healthy weight, a glowing skin, a dream hair and, of course, a great health state. The consumption of foods with additives, pesticides, and empty calories negatively impact your organism, making you more susceptible to suffer from food inflammations, fatty liver, insulin resistance, and other metabolic disorders.

Fortunately, replacing them with natural food will change the entire picture. Eating dishes made with natural ingredients reduce the caloric intake, diminishes the allergies, the intolerance, the risk of overweight and the development of cardiovascular diseases.


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Do you want to try it out? Start by getting some glutenless toasted acorn in your diet! That way you will be able to bake some nutritious pastries, cakes, and desserts that will contain less caloric content.

Toasted Acorn, a healthy and delightful option!

 Yeah! You read it right. The Toasted Acorn is a natural food, ideal to cook in your everyday kitchen. It is not only delicious and easy to include in your cooking, but it will also provide what you need to stay healthy and fit.

A product with numerous benefits:

The acorn is a wild fruit -similar to chestnuts- that grows in the holm oaks. Its use in gastronomy is not exactly new: this fruit was elementary in the Greek and Nordic diet, as well as the Native American and some of Japan's first natives, who consumed it as infusions and bread made with rudimentary flour.

In ShopMySeke, you can buy your own glutenless and natural Toasted Acorn. The options we have from house Terrius are perfect to start enjoying its benefits, both in the kitchen and health:

As a source of protein, it will make you feel satiated for longer periods of time

Will generate a low glycemic response that controls the production of insulin

Has high levels of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B6

Is a powerful antioxidant that will combat the free radicals associated with aging

Has over 60% of healthy lipids that reduce the risks of getting cancer and blood cholesterol

Use this natural food to make some home bread, as a thickener for vegetable creams or to make some cakes, pastries, brownies, and cookies. Besides strengthening your organism, it will provide a very similar taste to nuts that will elevate your dishes and keep you fascinated.

Nutritional Information
per 100g
Energy 1552 kj
371 Kcal
Fat 8,5 g
of wich saturates 1,5 g
Carbohydrates 57 g
of wich sugars 6,7 g
Protein 4,6 g
Salt 0,005/0,01 g

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