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Food hamper "Jagapo"
  • Food hamper "Jagapo"

Food hamper "Jagapo"

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Meal prep kit "Jagapo" - A Japanese, Galician and Portuguese special basket

Welcome, Asian gastronomy lovers! ShopMySeke has everything you need to make your own favourite Japanese and Chinese recipes. Each one of our "Jagapo" food gift hampers has been made thinking of mixing the best of the Eastern cuisine with a little flavour from Galicia and Portugal.


Rice vinegar - sushi su 300ml

Toasted Sesame oil 70 gr. Abura gum

Seven Spices Shichimi Togarashi - 18 gr.

Kikkoman Free Gluten Soy Sauce - 250ml

Teriyaki Kikkoman sauce - 250 ml

Yellow Miso paste- Shiro Miso- Miyasaka - 300gr.

Black sesame seeds 50gr. and white sesame seeds 50 gr.

Wakame Seaweed Dehydrated 20gr.


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Save your time and money! You can recreate the dream recipes of ShopMySeke's blog with any of our food gift hampers -and the Galician seaweed included in them. That way, you won't have to walk across stores and supermarkets to gather all the ingredients you need.

Are you wondering what's in ShopMySeke's food hampers? We can give you the right answer! From miso and edible seaweed to soy sauce and many other great items! Besides being organic, they will provide minerals, fibre and vitamins to stay healthy, help your intestinal movement, and keep your heart pressure -and weight- under control.

So, if you like delicious and light meals -like miso, ramen and teriyaki chicken- don't wait any longer! Take your mobile, visit ShopMySeke and look for the food hamper "Jagapo".


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