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Red Vermouth, Petroni, 1000ml.
  • Red Vermouth, Petroni, 1000ml.

Red Vermouth, Petroni, 1000ml.

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Petroni Vermouth

A tad of gin, a pinch of Campari, a slice of orange, ice, Vermouth and that's it! An authentic Negroni. One of the most classic drinks of Italy and Europe, ready to enjoy. In ShopMySeke, we know that Vermouth is a classic that does not go out of style, but quite the opposite. More and more people witness why they call it "the delicacy of the Gods." We have opted for a Vermouth made with Albariño grapes. It is aromatic, full of flavour and it will conquer every inch of your palate with its exquisite and refreshing flavour. Try the white or red version! We will take it to you.


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It is made exclusively from grapes from the Pazo de Arretén vineyard in Padrón (Rías Baixas appellation) following a traditional recipe that is 100% natural.

The design of the bottle and the logo symbolise the spirit of the history of our patron saint, capturing the connection between Padrón and the Way of Saint James, and the arrival of the remains of the apostle in the town.

The nose evokes mature fruit, with hints of vanilla, spices and balsamic touches.

In the mouth, it is refreshing, full-bodied, complex and balanced.

Without a doubt, a pleasure for the senses.

From among the various botanic s used to make Petroni, wormwood is the undisputed star, a holy herb that is the basis of any Vermouth and gives the drink its magic touch.

The image of the goose alludes to the Way of Saint James and shows the strong bond between the producer of this wine and its terroir.

A premium product…and A different Vermouth. One that’s full of flavour and aromatic notes that are sure to surprise. The perfect accompaniment for aperitifs or after-dinner drinks, this is the only Vermouth made from the Albariño grape. All of which makes for a unique, award-winning aperitif.

Petroni has a shiny, dark red colour.



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