Wakame Undaria, ALGAMAR, 100 gr.
  • Wakame Undaria, ALGAMAR, 100 gr.
  • Wakame Undaria, ALGAMAR, 100 gr.

Wakame Undaria, ALGAMAR, 100 gr.

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Seaweed Wakame

Wakame (Undaria Pinnatida)

Wakame: one of the most popular seaweeds

If you are a fan of Japanese gastronomy, you will probably know wakame. What you may not know is everything this tasty ingredient has to offer. You can use wakame for everything you want: salads, tuna, rice, soups or even shakes and spices if you prefer the powder format. If you want to include a bit of Eastern character, try to add a little sesame to it. It will be an outstanding experience!

But, of course, not everything is flavor. Wakame seaweed is very nutritious. So much that it is the new daily dairy portion, because it provides 600% more calcium than milk and almost 500% more iron than beef. You can use the powder format to enrich your dishes or provide a striking green color. 


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Get to know a little about its benefits!

It helps people shed some pounds, increases eye health, improves the orange skin and strengthens the immune system.

Prevents undernutrition thanks to its high content of folic acid, B complex, calcium, iron and iodine.

Diminishes the risk of heart diseases, aneurysms and strokes

Reduces the cellular and skin aging, fostering collagen synthesis

Controls chronic diseases like diabetes

Protects neurons and relaxes the mind

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Wakame (Undaria Pinnatida)

Rich in calcium, iodine, proteins and fibre, it is one of the most suitable sea vegetables for eating raw in salads or for those who are learning to cook with algae. It is highly versatile and can be used in soups, rice, with other vegetables, baked, or boiled in pie fillings, etc.

This alga grows like a giant oak leaf on the coasts of Galicia and can measure up to 1.5 metres long. 

Instructions for use:

 Uncooked: add to salads (cut into pieces and soak for 15 minutes).

 Cooked: Boil for 20 minutes with soup, vegetables, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, millet, polenta, semolina, etc. Also lightly fried with onion for pasta, pies, pizzas, quiches, etc.

  Steamed: Delicious with vegetables.

Nutritional Information

per 100g
Energy 811 kj
195 Kcal
Fat 1,3 g
of wich saturates 0,4 g
Carbohydrates 17,2 g
of wich sugars <0,46 g
Fibre 32,2 g
Protein 12,6 g
Salt 8,9 g